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Taekyu Yang
3D Artist

New York
United states

Welcome to my portfolio site,! My name is Taekyu Yang. I’m 3D generalist, who currently live in London. I’m primarily interested in technical aspect of CG. lighting, textureing, and look-dev. I always push myself hard to be a bridge between science and art. 

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Taekyu Yang

Look development / Lighting / Texturing

*Demo Reel 2015


* Chex Mix Metal Detector

  • Replicated realistic and appetising iconic chex mix pieces in CG.
  • Modeling, texturing, look-dev, and lighting.

* Elephant Insurance Undercover

  • Integrated CG elephant to live action plate.
  • Lighting

* PWC Science

  • The challange was to generate futuristic but belivable set.
  • In charge of "Magic table" as well as majority of lab environment.
  • Modeling, texturing, look-dev, and lighting.

* PWC Ticket

  • Created realistic CG elements that blends well with live-action plates.
  • Worked on various assets including airplane, airport interior structure, and swinging sign.
  • Modeling, texturing.

* Geico Tour

  • Replicated UH-1N Huey helicopter.
  • Modeling, texturing.

* Captain Morgan Peg leg

  • Created realistic peg leg that matches perfectly with practical prop in the shot.
  • Look development.

* Nesquik Danger Room

  • Look development for Nesquik container.

* Calvin Klein Euphoria

  • Created uber realistic orchid for 4K footage.
  • Photogrammetry technique was used.
  • Modeling.

* Marvel Avengers VR

  • Replicated a part of movie in VR.
  • In charge of main characters and hero assets, such as Hulk, Sub-Ultron, Ironman, Catain America Shield, Thor hammer(Mjölnir), and etc.
  • For full experience, visit: Youtube
  • Look development.